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Let Go
and fly away
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20th-Jan-2010 11:51 pm - Oh hay
tamaki pretty
I haven't updated in foreverrrr~

But I felt the urge to do so because of class.
Perverts, Pimps, and Pills

It's a great class, but totally lame to take during the winter. It's too short of a time, really. But this is more of a trial run of the course so eh~

We've talked a lottt about deviance~
Things like drugs (steroids), alcohol, what's acceptable in this culture, online dating, and blogs. Oh god the blogs.

I always disliked that word, really. Ever since I heard it in HS.
Funny thing, periodically the teacher asks if we ever write things online or have a blog and there are a few brave souls who admit to owning an LJ or xanga. They totally dismiss it though, like "it was on livejournal or something stupid"

One girl seems to use hers often enough, like I do.

Honestly, I love LJ. And Blurty.
Writing my feelings is theraputic and the thought that someone might be reading it sort of encourages me to write more. Sometimes. Not always.

All the same, I missed LJ.

Ahaha, the class is pretty great.
Our book mentioned two an heroes. Which was totally unexpected but pretty neat.

And in class we were on match.com loling at some people. And craigslist. Haha, I can't believe the teacher did that.
We checked out Casual Encounters and Strictly Platonic. It was funny.
Too bad tomorrow is the last class. I hope it becomes a real class and not just during winter/summer.
It's very different than the other soc classes and much more applicable to our generation. Blah.
20th-Sep-2009 11:12 pm - study study sick sick
tamaki pretty
First Soc test tomorrow.
And it's all about soc history. How lame.

I'm tired, no idea why I'm updating now.
I really don't like the ep of Family Guy with the Bird is the Word.
It's so annoying.

But then again, FG is annoying sometimes too.

9th-Sep-2009 06:38 pm - for realz?

I really went all through July and August without writing in this?
Homan, that's kind of bad.
I really sould have written when I was on vacay atleast.

Umm...in short:

- went on a Caribbean Princess Cruise, mmm
- won at bingo (like $100 dollars)
- went on a month long Euro-trip with the boy
- London, York, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam
- Saw Blink-182 in concert. A total dream come true.
- Also saw Weezer and Taking Back Sunday. The boyfriend is a god send. <3
- Started school already. Laaaame.

4 Soc classes and 1 Hum class.

Sociology of Gender and Work
Historical Development of Sociological Theory (holy hell..it's required)
Contemporary Sociological Theory (not required but probably helpful)
Sociology of Media
Film Genres
Yay for low level classes! We've already watched the Wizard of Oz. We have a ton more movies to watch. Although having to sit down and watch a movie isn't as fun as I thought it would be. I'd prefer to voluntarily watch. Oh well. I need it for a DEC.

Anyways, that's it, in a nutshell.

4th-Jun-2009 12:46 am - Late night updates~!
tamaki pretty
I have an adorable sleeping puppy in my bed. She's so cute.

I got my grades for all my classes.
WRT 101 - A
WST 103 - B
SOC 105 - C+
SOC 302 - B+
EUR 101 - B

Haha, I took mostly 100 lvl classes. Whateverrrr, I did awesome.
So we're going on a cruse at the end of June. We leave either on the 29 or 30th and we're going down to the Caribbean. I'm sort of looking fowards to it, and sort of apprehensive. We're going with my cousin and her family, which is neat.

Then there's gonna be another Europe trip this summer. Yaaaay~ And the bf is coming along. Hehe, I'm so glad.


Originally it was going to be London and Paris, then my dad said try for 3 so it was going to be Madrid. Then he said why not go some where new~ And that would have been Barcelona. But it was a pain in the ass trying to figure out how to get to Madrid and Barcelona. So as much as I like Madrid, it was changed to Brussels and Amsterdam.

I'm still planning stuff, and it's tough! The hardest part is trying to figure out how long to spend in each place and where to stay. I'm trying to find places that are cheap but still nice. Although I do wanna spluge a little in Paris, since we'll be in there for my birthday, which is really a coincidence.

Haha, thequestionclub got upset when I asked them a question about the trip. Oops. Didn't know I couldn't ask "first-world" questions there. Oh well.

Anyways, as it stands, we may stay 7 days in London and 7 in Paris, 5 days in Brussels and 6 days in Amsterdam.
The reason there's going to be so many days in London is so that we can take a trip up to Yorks and go see the Forbidden Corner. Google it, it looks so fucking cool.
Paris is 7 days also so that we can go to EuroDisney and Normandy.
I figure we can just do whatever in London really, there isn't a ton of things to see. Mostly everything you just walk by and look at it. We'll also probably go on guided walks.
Paris I'm hoping for something like, one day for EuroDisney, two days for Normandy, one day break, one day for Versailles, and two days for museums and walking around. In whatever order.
Brussels we'll probably just relax and explore. We don't really know what's there. We'll also probably go check out Germany a little.
Amsterdam will probably be relaxing. And not in the high sense.

Although, I apparently smoke a lot in my dreams. Periodically I dream that I smoked cigarettes and it burnsss. Like I'm inhaling embers. The other night I dreamed that I was smoking weed. It was so freaking weird.
A few weekends ago was the first time I ever saw anyone do drugs. Which is funny since I've already been to Amsterdam.

Oh yeah, the boy and I went to Boston a little while ago. It was great. We went for an anime convention. Tehe, yay dorky. But it was great, we wore pokehats that I made and they looked so awesome. One person said I bring beauty into the world. It was a little weird.

I'm rambling now. Oops.
I'm glad Adult Swim is playing Home Movies again.
I hattteeee Tim and Eric and I hope they stop playing it.
18th-May-2009 12:21 am(no subject)

I miss the nights when I'd be incredibly tired by midnight.
I miss the nights when I could stay up until 5am.
I miss the nights where I'd stay up all night and be in a sleepless daze.
I miss the nights where I would be out all night goofing off.
I miss the nights when my mom would tuck me into bed.
I miss the nights when I would have to leave my windows open and listen to the crickets chirp.

I feel moody.
And mopey.
11th-May-2009 11:36 pm(no subject)
I seriously hate scary movie commercials at night. I keep seeing the Drag Me to Hell one and ughhhh.

I'm behind on what I need to do for this month.
It's like a mantra inside my head~ WST paper, short WRT paper, go over 4 other WRT papers for a portfolio, study a shit ton~ (two books of articles/read notes online and 4 books), and do some sewing for Boston. Mmmm Boston.

I hope I have the time to make the costumes for Boston, although it'd still be awesome if not.

BTW, I signed up for InboxDollars. You get about 2 cents for an almost daily email and around 50 cents for surveys. It's slow going but if you get 30$ you get a check. So maybe I will get 30$ eventually. Maybe. Apparently this first check is very elusive.
But I really need money.
My mom was telling me to start looking for a job. Thing is...I don't want to. We're going on vacation in Juneee and then I'm going to take summer classes. My dad keeps telling me I should go to Europe. I can't do that with no money though. But hey, if he paid and Trevor could come, then yes. ;P Durrrr.
It would be nice to go away. I'm kinda looking fowards to the cruise but kinda not. I'll miss Trevor and I'll probably feel very uncomfortable and insecure around everyone. I'll just bring a ton of books and find quiet places to get sun and readdd. Mmm.

Sleep for now.
Then writing.
Then review.
Then writing.
tamaki pretty
Whoa, I haven't updated in a whileeee.
School is ughhhh.
I have to write a text/movie analysis, find my fucking I-Search because I lost it today (all 7+ pages, wtf), review a comparison paper, review a profile paper, write a WST paper, and study for 3 different classes that all have finals on the same day. Oh goddd.

I also signed up for classes for next semester already.
I signed up for WRT 102 although I might be able to skip it. It depends on if they allow me to and if my major will be okay with that. I'm gonna check with the department on Wednesday.
I'm also going to take Sociology of Family, something like the Development of Modern Sociological Theorys I think, film genres, and soc. gender and work.
All of my classes are going to begin at 8:20 or 8:30 in the morning. I realy hope I'll be able to wake up in time.

I'm way tired.

I also need to decide on what to minor in. I'm interested in demographics and market research kind of things. I like to find patterns and stuff, but I don't think I'd do well in business classes. I'd do so badly probably.
So that leaves me with Anthropology. But then what can I do as a job? I could do those, but compared to the business people who have a soc minor or soc majors with business minors no one will want me. I could work in a museum like my dad suggested though. I dunno.
I just want to keep learning.

Also, wtf is up with swine flu?
It seems like the West Nile Virus scare again.

Mmm, and some fun new things.
Trevor and I went fishing a while ago. And oh my god we had amazing baked clams and such good food afterwards. We didn't catch fish, though. But I did get to feed the swans, even a bitch swan. I like birds a lot and I'm not sure why. I did have pet parakeets but I was so bad with them. But whenever I see birds now I just get so happy and excited.

Then my best friend and her new boyfriend came over Trevor's house and we all hung out. We played Rock Band like crazy, named our band Poop, had tons of pizza and soda, watched A Night at the Roxbury, and just chatted. And watched Star Wars. It was really awesome.

This past Saturday Trevor and I went to the Long Island Game Farm/Zoo. Ohhh man I loved it!! We got to feed cute baby deer and llamas. And sheep! Daww, sheep. And an adorable donkey! Eeeee!! I loved it. Although the baby deer wouldn't eat out of the llama hand. And there were baby cows! Ring tailed lemurs, ostriches, an emu, BISON, turkies, and a zebra! And alligators. I'm all happy again. Hehe. And bunnies and macaws and a chinchilla! Daww and turtles. There was just so much. I loved the sheep they were so cute. There were regular sheep and barbados black sheep. So cute!
My absolute absolute absolute fave was the little baby goats and sheep. They were teeny tiny and so damn cute. I'd feed them milk and pet them and they loved it and would try to climb in my lap. One started headbutting my crotch so I gave it milk. Haha apparently the other sheep/goats did similar things to other people. I would always find the hungriest ones and a bunch of people were surprised that I did that. And they were so peppy!! Jumping up high and running around. It was so cute, I would have taken one if I could. Sooo cute.

But yeah. It's been so hot lately, and it's finally cool tonight. I don't need a fan or open windows, yay!

Okay, this is longggg now. Time for bed.
23rd-Mar-2009 10:42 pm - boo
It's fustrating when I e-mail teachers or TAs and I take the time to make it polite.

[Insert excuse]
[Insert question]
[Insert apology]

Thanks for taking your time to read this.


And all I get back are things like "thats ok" "it's fine" etc

I'm not feeling so good.
My parents make me feel bad about wanting to major in Sociology and wanting to do something in that field, instead of wanting to be a doctor or nurse.
I also keep thinking about the things that happened around Christmas and I know that I really need to talk about it, but I really just feel like I can't. I should though...
And I realized today that I always put myself before anyone else. Things that I do for other people are usually going to help me in some way. I think I'm afraid of putting other people in front of me. I think...I'm not sure. I don't know why I do it, and I'm afraid to change it. This is one of those things that make me feel like there is something really wrong with me.

Something that I've noticed is that I have something like...a fear of the word "whatever." Whenever someone is annoyed and says it to me it just really frightens me. Weird.

I feel sad and mopey.
8th-Mar-2009 11:47 pm(no subject)
this is one of those days where i can't do anything right, at all
and i can't seem to make anyone happy

it sucks
6th-Mar-2009 10:27 pm - Haha oops
Mario Kart is so addicting.

I have a secret. A super guilty pleasure.
So guilty and secret that I have to cut it.Collapse )

I have to write a paper for Monday.
A paper on hip-hop by next week, I think.
And I might have a third paper, I'm not sure. I don't know if we got it.

I need to figure out things to compare.
Pin-up vs whatever guys use now.. Maxime?
male gender role vs female gender role

Yeah the last one sounds lame, but I like that stuff. Mmm, sociology.

Haha, guilty pleasures should probably stay secret...
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