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Let Go

and fly away

1 August 1989

Well hello.
I'm not sure what I should put here since I'm not as active on LJ as I used to be.
I'm currently an undergrad studying sociology. I love to read. Really. Anything at all.
I really like Harry Potter, Disney, mangas/anime, crocheting, cooking, and blahblah.

I claimed Capt. Jack's amazing hotness! The POTC Blog Crew

a little princess, adult swim, angels, anime, basshunter, batman, bears, books, captain jack sparrow, castle in the sky, catcher in the rye, ceramics, classical music, computer, computer graphics, cookies, country, cowboy bebop, disney, disney world, draco malfoy, dragonball, dragonball z, dragonforce, drawing, driving, dumbledore, europe, fall out boy, flcl, flowers, fooly cooly, fresh prince of bel-air, fruits basket, full house, full metal alchemist, furi kuri, futurama, getoffmyspace, glow sticks, graduation, grease, hair dye, harry potter, harry potter books, harry potter movies, hermione granger, high school, howls moving castle, internet, jack sparrow, john stamos, john travolta, johnny depp, law and order, lip piercing, lol, lord of the rings, love hina, maddox, mangas, memoirs of a geisha, mexico, movies, musicals, napping, night, nightmare before christmas, oekaki, orchestra, ouran host club, paint shop pro 8, pajama pants, pajamas, paris, patent pending, peter pan, photography, piano, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, princess mononoke, queen, reading, robin hood, rollercoasters, rome, ron weasley, roses, seinfeld, series of unfortunate events, shopping, sirius black, sleeping, snapple, spanish, spirited away, starbucks, stony brook university, sudoku, sugarcult, sweeney todd, swimming, taking back sunday, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the black pearl, the book of flying, the corpse bride, the great gatsby, the joker, the little prince, the pillows, the princess bride, the used, theories of relativity, trigun, tucker max, unwritten law, venice, violin, watermelon, will smith, will turner, wings, young frankenstien